Technologies for the future: Hybrid and fuel-cell-powered vans by DaimlerChrysler: Inner-city delivery vans do most of their work in areas where emissions are a major issue, therefore DaimlerChrysler is intensively developing alternative drive systems. Top left: Hybrid Sprinter with plug-in technology undergoing trials in North America. Top right: Fuel Cell Sprinter also undergoing trials in the USA. Bottom left: Canter with hybrid drive ready for series production: owing to extremely densely populated areas, hybrid vehicles such as the Canter HEV play an important role in Japan. The drive train of the Canter HEV consists of a diesel engine (92 kW/125 hp), an electric motor with an output of 35 kW and lithium-ion batteries. Bottom right: Hybrid drive with a Freightliner chassis: together with Eaton, Freightliner has developed 18 vans with hybrid drive for the FedEx parcel service. The diesel engine from the well established European 900 series is known as the MBE 900 in the USA and has an output of 125 kW (179 hp).
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