• Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 19, 2022 - With pioneering innovations, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has, over recent years, elevated the various models of the Actros series to a very high level in terms of their efficiency, comfort and safety for all road users. The manufacturer with the star at the IAA Transportation 2022 trade fair in Hanover will show which innovative solutions Mercedes-Benz Trucks intends to use to further expand its strong market position in this segment with the help of the Actros L, the Actros L Edition 3 and the Actros F plus.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 19, 2022 - The purchase of a commercial vehicle – whether still conventionally powered by diesel or by electric battery – means an investment for every transport company that is bound to ultimately pay off. It is, therefore, all the more important to have Daimler Truck at your side as a partner that not only offers highly efficient vehicles for all kinds of usage, but also ensures the greatest possible customer benefit for daily use on the road thanks to services and solutions.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 19, 2022 - At today's Mercedes-Benz Trucks press conference on the occasion of the IAA Transportation 2022, Karin Rådström, CEO Mercedes-Benz Trucks, and Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services Mercedes-Benz Trucks, presented the trade fair highlights of the truck brand.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 18, 2022 - In terms of payload, distance and routes, heavy-duty long-haul transport is the most demanding segment in road freight transport. At the same time, there is great potential here to reduce CO2 emissions. Following the market launch of the eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport in 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is now igniting the next stage for battery-powered heavy-duty long-haul transport. The company is presenting the eActros LongHaul, announced in 2020, for the first time at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 18, 2022 - Following the market launch of the eActros 300/400 for heavy-duty distribution in 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is not only consistently pushing ahead with the introduction of further battery electric models for this and the coming years, but also focusing on even more diversity and flexibility in applications for the eActros itself.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 18, 2022 - More powerful, more efficient, more range - and a wide variety of applications: This is the essence of the Next Generation eCanter from FUSO presented at the IAA Transportation 2022.
  • Stuttgart/Hanover, Sep 18, 2022 - On the road to sustainable transport, Mercedes-Benz Trucks intends to expand its range of vehicles to include series-produced trucks with hydrogen-based fuel-cell drives in the second half of the decade. The background here is in the widely different applications and tasks for trucks.