Setra presents the Next Generation of TopClass and ComfortClass

Oct 18, 2022
  • A new generation of Setra buses with a renewed image and high-end technology
  • Advanced assistance and security systems
  • Also on display in the stand, the intercity low entry S 416 LE business

The brand’s badge is now clearly visible in the front section, behind it hides an innovative technology. The Setra brand has always put special focus in its vehicles’ design. The renewed buses show a technological breakthrough and an innovative visual, without losing the profound roots to the brand’s tradition. The brand’s flagship is now more visible at the front. Amongst the technical aspects, there is a new element with LED technology in optical fiber stands out in the front. An element that combines the headlights, the daylight and the position lights. Even from afar, anyone can tell is a Setra.

There are other innovations, such as, in the passengers space there are new separating semi-walls and bettered service sets. As well as a modern infotainment system.

ADA 2 and ABA 5 available in coaches for the first time

The Setra ComfortClass and TopClass are the first coaches in Europe equipped with the new Active Drive Assist 2 (ADA 2), a combination of diverse assistance systems that actively assist the driver in keeping the security distance. Speeding up, braking, keeping the distance, and managing the steering wheel, keeping the vehicle in the lane: the Active Brake Assist 2 represents a decisive step towards automatized driving.

Another novelty of Setra buses is the emergency brake system Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5), the first emergency brake assistant able to brake in response to moving and stationery pedestrians. ABA 5 and ADA 2 are two of the many technical highlights of these new coaches that reduce the strain on the driver and ensure greater safety. It is also worth mentioning that the 360º camera system, which consists of four cameras, captures the current environment of the vehicle, and offers a perimeter visibility in the screen located in the driver’s seat. Thanks to this system, it is possible to detect pedestrians, riders and obstacles, even in spaces that otherwise would not be visible for the driver. The system increases the security, since it can detect risk of collisions and prevent them.

Other novelties are the starting Keyless Start, the electronic parking brake and the optimized smart Tempomat Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) that adapts the strategy of topography change and makes a noticeable fuel saving possible. In addition, the new Coach Infotainment Series informs and entertains in an even more attractive way.

Setra MultiClass LE business

The Multiclass LE business is Setra’s bet for the intercity segment, it offers the best value for money in terms of features and price, and it has especially low maintenance costs. It is a range that offers profitability and efficiency to operators.

The MultiClass LE business range in made by three models, the S 415, the S 416 two-axle LE business and the S418 three-axle LE business. All of them designed with a  low -floor that goes far beyond the back entry and a high-floor rear area without steps.

The two-axle vehicles are available with OM 936 engine of 260 kW; and the S 418 LE business comes with an OM 470 engine (available with 265 kW and 290 kW).

The operators can choose between 4 transmission variants: the manual box with 6 gears GO190 or GO 210, the automatic ZF Ecolife with 6 gears, the automatized box with 8 gears GO 250.8 PowerShift and the Voith’s Diwa. The vehicle’s transmission can be adapted to specific operations with various axle’s relations.

Its functionality, its thermal and acoustic isolation, as well as its width and interior light stand out. The cockpit is comfortable and functional, the seat and the steering wheel allow its regulation to adapt them to the driver’s measures. The S 418 LE business also impresses for its high passenger capacity, being able to reach up until 61 seats. This is how; the Setra Multiclass LE business exceeds the requirements of high demand intercity lines.