Program: All new – six ComfortClass HD models and three TopClass HDH models meet any demands, plus the double-decker touring coach as its own class

Sep 18, 2022
  • Setra ComfortClass: Six HD models from compact format to seating giants
  • Setra TopClass: Three fascinating HDH models on three axles

Six versatile HD models of the ComfortClass, three luxury touring coaches of the TopClass outstanding in every respect, in addition to the S 531 DT double-decker touring coach – the Setra program leaves no demands for the tailor-made coach unanswered. In addition, there is a wide range of special equipment: Rear door instead of central entrance for HD models with corresponding layout of the passenger compartment, TopSky Panorama glass roof, elegant three-person seating with level floor, a fascinating variety of fabric and leather upholstery and extras – hardly any Setra is like the other, every Setra is a suitable solution.


Setra ComfortClass: Six HD models from compact format to seating giants

Setra HD models in the ComfortClass are just the thing when demanding passengers with large luggage items go on long journeys. The range of six types from the compact S 511 HD to traditional formats and the S 519 HD seating giant. In short: Thanks to its wide range of variants, the next generation of the ComfortClass 500 offers the right vehicle för every requirement.

The 10.5-meter-long ComfortClass S 511 HD is a compact touring coach with high performance. The amazingly maneuverable club bus is the specialist for high-quality trips with small groups, also as an exclusively equipped VIP shuttle. The ComfortClass S 515 HD is the all-rounder in traditional twelve-meter format. The super talent for every touring coach fleet is a long-distance touring coach, VIP touring coach, long-distance touring coach or even intercity bus as required. With two axles, it is very economical and, with a length of around twelve meters, also spacious. The ComfortClass S 516 HD/2 offers maximum efficiency with high passenger capacity. With its two axles, it is the most economical coach among the 13-meter-models: Plenty of seats, ample luggage space, all on just two axles for highly frequented long-distance touring coaches or as a touring coach coach for larger groups.

The 13-meter-long ComfortClass S 516 HD marks the introduction to the world of three-axle vehicles. The S 516 HD means more luxury, more load capacity, more maneuverability. The HD model stands out with a large passenger compartment and enormous load capacity. It remains surprisingly maneuverable thanks to its actively steered trailing axle. The ComfortClass S 517 HD is a spacious long-distance touring coach with a high load capacity. It impresses with its generous luggage compartment offering a high load capacity and plenty of space for passengers. The S 517 HD, which is almost 14 meters long, is predestined for long-distance journeys with a long stay and long-distance driving. The ComfortClass S 519 HD is a specialist for long-distance touring coach services. With a length of just under 15 meters, it is the long-distance runner among the HD models and offers space for numerous passengers and plenty of luggage.

A variant of the S 519 HD with door two behind the rear axle instead of the usual central entrance represents a new addition to the line. This solution, already familiar from the two-axle vehicles, results in a new layout of the passenger compartment with uniform distribution of the seat rows on the left and right as well as a positioning of the washroom and kitchen at the rear. At the same time, the luggage compartment between the axles grows from 12.6 to 13.7 cubic meters. This corresponds to a volume of more than 200 liters per passenger and thus far exceeds even the volume of lush touring sedans.

Setra TopClass: Three fascinating HDH models on three axles

Setra TopClass 500 – these are three fascinating HDH models on three axles. Dream touring coaches for dream trips, from the surprisingly handy S 515 HDH to the versatile S 516 HDH and the powerful S 517 HDH, from 12.5 to 14.2 meters in length. With plenty of space for passengers and luggage. And thanks to three axles with ample reserves in load capacity.

The TopClass S 515 HDH is suitable when size combined with maneuverability are required. The most compact model in the TopClass is particularly handy. Full control, stability and safety even around tight bends? With a turning circle of less than 20 meters, the S 515 HDH always remains confident, even in challenging topography. The twelve-meter long touring coach combines impressive size with agile driving behavior. The 13.3 meter long TopClass S 516 HDH is the all-rounder, bang in the centre of the range, however, it's anything but average. Thanks to its versatility and exclusivity, the S 516 HDH is always the right choice for demanding trips. The TopClass S 517 HDH top-of-the-line model is the luxury touring coach for those who think bigger. The HDH model is the flagship for every fleet, offers plenty of space and unlimited customization options. Want a little more of everything? Thanks to its length of 14.2 meters, the S 517 HDH has a huge luggage compartment – space even for large travel groups in a luxurious ambience.

Distinctive design, timeless elegance and luxurious comfort on two levels: Paired with its economy, the Setra TopClass S 531 DT double-decker touring coach guarantees unlimited fascination. Whether maximum efficiency on long-distance routes, maximum comfort on long-distance journeys or individual luxury as a bistro touring coach: The S 531 DT adapts to a wide range of travel concepts.

The tried-and-tested drivetrain remains unchanged. In the Setra ComfortClass, it is based on the OM 470 in-line six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 10.7 liters. Depending on the model, three power ratings are available between 290 kW (394 hp) – S 511 HD only – over 315 kW (428 hp) and 335 kW (456 hp). The three-axle models are also available with the larger in-line six-cylinder OM 471 (12.8-liter displacement) with 350 kW (476 hp) power rating. Customers can choose between a six-speed manual transmission (only for two-axle vehicles) and the fully automated GO 250‑8 PowerShift manual transmission for the compact power unit, whereas PowerShift manual transmission is used throughout in conjunction with the larger engine.

The OM 471 works consistently at the rear of the Setra TopClass. The standard power output is 350 kW (476 hp), optionally 375 kW (510 hp). It is standard in a double-decker touring coach. In the TopClass, all engines are coupled with the fully automated GO 250‑8  PowerShift manual transmission. No matter what combination. Regardless of the combination, next-generation Setra touring coaches are always powerful and highly economical on the road. They also comply with the latest emissions standards.