Passenger Comfort

50 years of truck development for the sake of the environment, safety, comfort and economy: Truck fuel consumption already down by 30 percent since 1960. NOx and PM emissions decreased by up to 98 percent during the same period. In the background: Mercedes-Benz truck LS1624 from the 1960s, in the front the current Mercedes-Benz truck Actros 1844.
For the first time ever, objective measurements were made: For the first time ever, objective measurements with a Electroencephalographic measurements (EEGs) of the drivers’ brainwaves were made to obtain insights into the mental strain suffered by truckers in stressful situations. To make the measurements, the drivers had to wear a cap with EEG sensors that registered when the brain became aware of an acoustic signal that reached the ears. The results showed that drivers behind the wheel of an Actros truck have almost as much time to react when traveling along a difficult stretch of road (e.g. construction site, mountain pass) as when they drive along easily navigable highways. The situation in the LP 1620 is quite different: The EEG showed that it takes the driver of that truck up to 400 milliseconds longer to respond to sensory stimuli than in the Actros.
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