OMNIplus spare parts, directly from the 3D printer

Oct 18, 2022
  • 3D printing allows OMNIplus reacting in a quick, flexible, affordable and sustainable way.
  • All the 3D pieces meet the established production standards
  • Digitalization of the spare parts purchase with OMNIplus eShop

The quick and effective spare parts’ delivery is one of the main promises that OMNIplus makes to its clients. With the 3D spare parts, OMNIplus achieves giving an even better response to this demand.

Daimler Buses has been opting since 2016 for the possibilities that the digital manufacture engineering offers, with the help of 3D printers. Currently, experts to evaluate their adequacy to be 3D printers for buses can be printed in 3D have carefully examined all of them almost 40.000 spare parts. OMNIplus has created a “digital warehouse” that will not stop growing. Clients can purchase 3D printing licenses online, or through their authorized workshop OMNIplus so that a certified 3D printing center can produce them.

eShop from OMNIplus, direct access to spare parts’ purchases

With the eShop, OMNIplus offers the possibility to digitalize spare parts’ purchases for buses. The OMNIplus eShop is open 24 hours a day. There is a complete catalogue with original spare parts for the Mercedes-Bens and Setra brands. The operator can register its fleet in the system and it will show the right spare parts for their vehicles. With just a click, you will be able to know if the spare parts you need are in stock in your OMNIplus service point. The OMNIplus eShop makes the ordering and purchasing process way easier while being able to replace the necessary spare parts faster and optimize the availability of the buses.