In use all year round: Unimog implement carriers for agriculture, contractors and municipalities

In use all year round: Unimog implement carriers for agriculture, contractors and municipalities

Dec 14, 2021
  • U 435 and U 535: more power in the high-end range: 260 kW (354 hp)
  • U 327: more power in the mid-range segment, with compact dimensions and high payload
  • New: Optimized Unimog suspension and steering, climate-controlled seat
  • Vehicles for agricultute:

         -         U 535 with Krone mowing combination

         -         U 530 EU tractor with Dammann mounted sprayer

         -         U 435 with hydropneumatic suspension and comfort steering

The Unimog concept may be 75 years old, but continual innovation makes sure it stays state of the art. In 2021, the Unimog stands out with its two new top-of-the-range variants, U 435 and U 535, as well as a new variant in the medium weight class, the U 327, which combines a lot of power with maneuverability and a high payload. Rounding out the Unimog innovations for 2021 are a hydropneumatic suspension, which enables a constant driving level under different loading conditions, and the new comfort steering, which provides more steering support at low speeds or when stationary.

New performance class in the high-end segment: Unimog U 435 and U 535 with 260 kW (354 hp)

The engine of the new U 435 and U 535 Unimog models delivers a total of 40 kW (54 hp) more than the previous top-of-the-line models, U 430 and U 530. This will make many customers in the heavy weight segment very happy. A special feature of the 6-cylinder in-line engine with 260 kW (354 hp) power output:

The torque of 1380 Nm, 180 Nm more than in the previous model, is already available at an engine speed of 1800 rpm. Excellent values also in terms of environmental protection: The new engine complies with the Euro 6 E emission standard.

In addition to even more power, the new U 435 and U 535 Unimog models also offer a further optimization that drivers will immediately feel: Thanks to improved gearshift coordination and clutch control, shifting interruption is significantly reduced. The long-term consequences of this are a lower fuel consumption and more comfortable operation.

U 327: More power also for the mid-range segment, combined with maneuverability and high payload

Ranked below the heavy-weight Unimog implement carrier, the new U 327 generates 200 kW (272 hp) instead of the previous maximum of 170 kW (231 hp) in the U 323, which will continue to be offered in parallel. The medium-weight Unimog features a lighter frame and shorter wheelbases, which results in a high degree of maneuverability and payload, now combined with a high-performance engine. A model with a large platform and long wheelbase is also available for special customer requirements.

New: Hydropneumatic suspension – comfort steering – climate-controlled seat

The hydropneumatic suspension for the rear axle is another innovation of the Unimog model year 2021. The suspension system is based on gas storage tanks and hydraulic cylinders instead of the usual coil springs. In addition to a constant driving level under different loading conditions or rear attachments, this system also enables more stable handling and assistance when coupling and uncoupling body implements.

The new “comfort steering” reduces steering forces at low speeds and when stationary, a major advantage when working with large-volume tires or heavy front implements, such as mowing combinations.

The electrohydraulic system operates dependent on speed and adapted to the respective driving situation. Comfort steering thus creates a variable steering feel that is adapted to the driving situation.

Everyone has experienced it at the height of summer: If you sit in a vehicle for a longer period of time, you begin to sweat, despite the air conditioning system. The new “climate-controlled seat” counteracts this. A sophisticated ventilation system ensures a pleasant temperature at the driver’s seat.

Enhanced occupant safety as standard. From now on (except for the EU tractor variant), the Unimog cab will be equipped with cab underbody reinforcements and new tubular brackets on the A-pillar, thereby complying with the ECE-R29/03 standard for cab strength.

Unimog U 535 with Krone mowing combination

Unimog U 530 with Dammann mounted sprayer

Unimog U 435 with hydropneumatic suspension and comfort steering

You need to put plenty in first to get plenty out – in other words: performance. And the Unimog U 535 with its 260 kW (354 hp) does more than just deliver in this respect. Also for implements such as the large Krone Easy Cut B mower combination. In addition to a high level of area output and comfort when out farming, the Unimog also excels with its quick conversion for the next customer or forage area.

The U 530 is equipped with a roll bar as an EU tractor and thus has EU-wide tractor type approval. The anthracite gray exhibition vehicle will be equipped with a Dammann mounted sprayer. The vehicle's working width is 36 m, with a tank volume of 4000 liters.

The orange Unimog U 435 is equipped with the new hydropneumatic suspension on the rear axle for a constant driving level, which is important when working with heavy or wide implements, and offers “comfort steering”. This electrohydraulic steering reduces steering forces at low speeds and when stationary, which is an advantage when working with heavy front implements.

Strong in the field: the U 535 agricultural version is a workhorse and transport pro

The heavy Unimog U 535 in particular reveals its strong points in the agricultural version. In addition to a front power take-off and a front power lift, the agricultural version also includes a rear power lift with hoist control, ISOBUS, the tire-control tire pressure control system and LS hydraulics.

In addition, the mechanical rear power take-off can be used to power powerful machines, such as a wood chipper. Thanks to the high-torque six-cylinder engine, the U 535 also turns out to be a fast and economical transport pro when towing large and heavy trailers. With tractor registration it is not only exempt from tolls but can also be deployed on roads on Sundays and public holidays.

Proven and with a low consumption: Unimog with tractor registration

All Unimog engines comply with the currently valid Euro 6 emission standard. The Unimog can also be registered as a “tractor” or according to EU type approval for T1b high-speed tractors, the official designation. As a result, it may benefit from tax and toll exemptions and can also be used on Sundays and public holidays.

Ideal for heavy trailers: up to 3 t tongue weight

Unimog implement carriers U 527 to U 535 can be specially equipped for large trailer and tongue weights. This is an advantage that also applies to towing trailers with tandem or tridem axles, as is often the case during transportation trips between field or road and unloading point. This opens up a large radius of action for contractors and farmers who are faced with long transportation routes. The reason for the higher load-bearing capacity lies in the solid design.

By installing a reinforced end cross member, the Unimog can pull a trailer with a tongue weight of up to three metric tons if required. When fully loaded, the Unimog achieves a maximum gross trailer weight of 27 metric tons. Prerequisite is registration as a tractor vehicle. 

2021: Unimog's 75th anniversary

The Unimog grew out of the idea of designing a commercial vehicle for as many areas of agricultural activity as possible. The Unimog “Prototype 1” completed its initial test drive in 1946. Head designer Heinrich Rößler was personally at the wheel and tested the prototype on rough forest roads near Schwäbisch Gmünd –  the vehicle was still without a cab but fully loaded with timber. Unimog's development was closely linked to the problematic supply situation of the German population in the post-war period. In March 1946, Hans Zabel, from Gaggenau, Germany, who was involved in the project from the outset, invented the term Unimog ("Universal-Motor-Gerät", universal motorized machine) .

For 75 years, the professional all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz has met this universal requirement and has been constantly improved. Today, it meets challenges for fire departments, agriculture, snow clearing and road maintenance. Superior during work assignments, effective for transportation and efficient to maintain – this combination makes Unimog attractive for many farmers, contractors and municipalities.

Technical refinements in the Unimog range

EasyDrive: Optionally available, continuously variable traction drive combines the advantages of hydrostat with a mechanical manual transmission. EasyDrive allows the driver to switch between the two drive types when required and at full speed. Continuously variable speed adjustments of up to 50 km/h are possible. In addition, efficient and fuel-saving driving takes place with the eight-speed manual transmission up to 89 km/h.

TireControl Plus: The tire pressure control system offers comfortable handling for tire sizes up to 495/70R24, even when driving. The tire pressure can be adjusted to the respective conditions using the display: Whether on hard or soft ground, the driver decides on the required tire pressure at the push of a button. This results in optimum traction, low levels of wheel slip and protection of the ground.

All-wheel steering: All-wheel steering makes three different types of steering possible for the driver of a Unimog implement carrier for models U 423 to U 535: Normal steering using the front wheels, all-wheel steering with all wheels at opposite turning angles and so-called “crab steering” for diagonal travel with wheels set in parallel. As a result, the mandatory small turning radius of the Unimog can be reduced by up to an additional 20 percent, and the maneuverability of the vehicle can be increased in all operational situations. 

VarioPilot®: VarioPilot® dual-mode steering allows the driver to change from left to right-hand drive. Depending on the use, steering and operation take place on either side of the vehicle. In addition, it is possible to install a fully glazed front passenger door including a rotating seat in order to optimize the field of vision on right-hand verges, for example when mowing.

LED light package as special equipment: The LED light package as special equipment offers excellent lighting conditions both for driving on the road and when using an implement.

A strong partnership: Unimog and implement manufacturers

Unimog's strong point lies in its ability to handle a wide range of applications all year round with a single implement carrier. This applies both to the classic applications of snow clearing, road maintenance and public green space maintenance as well as cross-segment applications. Up to four attachment locations are available. In addition to the front and rear, implements can be mounted between the axles and behind the cab. Mercedes-Benz maintains special agreements with its “Unimog Partners” and “Unimog Expert Partners” regarding the requirements for the implements.

As a special service offer for manufacturers of bodies and other implements, the “Mercedes-Benz Unimog Partner” online portal offers information and networking from a single source. At, the Mercedes-Benz partner program brings together qualified manufacturers who, with their technical solutions, particularly meet the stringent requirements in terms of service, quality and technology. End customers benefit from the compact presentation and targeted communication provided by the internet platform.

More than 650 service locations worldwide

Unimog Service is backed by a globally organized service structure with over 650 service locations in more than 130 countries, around 220 of which are in Germany. It should be noted in particular that in the event of a necessary repair, authorized Unimog service partners not only take care of the vehicles, but also bodies and other implements, i.e. the complete system.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 535 - new top engine - with mower from Krone at Agritechnica 2022Benz
In use all year round: Unimog implement carriers for agriculture, contractors and municipalities
In use all year round: Unimog implement carriers for agriculture, contractors and municipalities
In use all year round: Unimog implement carriers for agriculture, contractors and municipalities