Daimler Buses’ Strategy

Oct 18, 2022
  • By 2030, we want to be able to offer electric drives for all of our segments
  • 2023 Launch: the eCitaro Range Extender with fuel cell for an even better autonomy.
  • In the year 2025 we will launch an electric vehicle in the intercity segment
  • Before this decade ends, we plan to have an electric vehicle in the long distance segment
  • Our strategy is dual, we will offer both battery-electric as well as hydrogen-powered batteries

By 2030, we want to be able to offer electric drives for all of our segments, based in hydrogen and electric batteries. Starting in 2030 at the latest, we will be offering only new emission-free vehicles within this segment in Europe. In 2023, we will present our new eCitaro Range Extender; there will also be a fuel cell as a range extender in addition to the battery. In 2025, we are planning to launch our first intercity electric bus. In addition, electric touring coaches based on hydrogen will be available beginning at the end of this decade.

Offering personalized solutions for each of our client’s needs is Daimler Buses’ mission. In this context, the logical question is; with what technology will we achieve this? Thanks to our dual strategy, which we share with our colleagues from our trucks area, we want to offer both hydrogen and electric vehicles. We are convinced that the fuel battery’s propulsion will be a solution astoundingly efficient for long distance buses.  We believe necessary having different technologies available and technologically update them regularly. We are able to do so because we belong to a great partnership, Daimler Truck, and we make the most out of our strengths, knowledge and investments in investigations and development as one group.