Cockpit: Coveted workplace further enhanced with numerous new features

Nov 7, 2022
  • Take a seat: With Keyless Start, the key stays in your pocket
  • The new electronic parking brake: Safe and practical
  • The new high beam assist: Maximum visibility increases driver comfort and safety
  • The new 360° camera system: Everything all around in view
  • The new Coach Infotainment Series (CIS): Great entertainment on board
  • Front axle even more comfortable and more silent, new trim strip for the ComfortClass

The cockpits of Setra TopClass and ComfortClass are not by chance considered coveted workplaces. They are attractive thanks to their high-quality equipment, and comfortable thanks to their outstanding ergonomics. The intuitive operating concept has been precisely designed to meet the requirements of everyday driving. And with the new equipment features and assistance systems, application benefits and safety are now increased even further.

Take a seat: With Keyless Start, the key stays in your pocket

The driver activates the central locking system with a short press of a button on the vehicle key. The key can then remain in your pocket as the vehicle recognizes the key in the cockpit area after having accessed the touring coach. The driver can now unlock the ignition lock or switch on the ignition at the push of a button. The engine is started by briefly pressing the start button while simultaneously actuating the brake pedal, or alternatively by pressing the start button for more than five seconds. At the same time, Keyless-Start increases security against vehicle theft thanks to the integrated immobilizer. 

The new electronic parking brake: Safe and practical

On the left of the instrument panel, the driver will find a new console featuring the standard electronic parking brake control unit. It combines simple handling and a high level of safety. The driver activates the parking brake manually by pulling the lever or by pressing the “P” button. They release the parking brake either by stepping on the accelerator pedal or by pressing the “P” button again. The integrated hold function is activated when the vehicle is stationary by stepping on the brake pedal more forcefully. The brake is not released until the driver presses the accelerator pedal again. When moving off on hills, the system supports the driver with the additionally integrated starting-off aid (standard in the TopClass). Finally, the parking brake is optionally activated automatically when the vehicle is stationary, the driver unfastens the seat belt and leaves the driver's seat. This prevents the touring coach from rolling away unintentionally.

New high beam assist: Maximum visibility increases driver comfort and safety

The high beam assistant automatically switches the high beams on or off depending on traffic, so that optimum illumination of the road ahead is always ensured. In this way, it contributes to greater safety through improved lighting conditions and optimized illumination, and increases driving comfort and safety. It is active from a speed of 35 km/h and is automatically deactivated below a speed of 27 km/h. The function adapts to the illumination/brightness of the environment. Together with the new, even brighter LED headlights, TopClass and ComfortClass once again set standards for optimum visibility even under unfavorable conditions.

New 360° camera system: Everything all around in view

The 360° camera system offers perfect all-round visibility when maneuvering and in tight spaces. Thanks to this system, passers-by, cyclists and obstacles can also be detected in areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible for the driver to see. A total of four cameras at the front, rear and above the side windows record the immediate surroundings of the vehicle and generate an indirect all-round visibility of 360°. The corresponding image from a bird’s eye view is displayed on a 10-inch monitor on the A-pillar. The screen is divided into two sections. There are five different views to choose from: 360° from a bird’s-eye view for full format and optionally supplemented by the images from the individual cameras. The second image on the monitor depends on the driving situation: For example, if a turn signal has been activated or reverse gear has been engaged, the view automatically switches to the corresponding side.

The driver can also select the desired image from a menu on the screen. The views of the 360° cameras are displayed when driving forwards up to a speed of approx. 30 km/h and always available when driving in reverse. Markings on the front and rear edges of the touring coach – as well as a suggested driving path – make it easier for drivers to get their bearings. The images reflect a field of vision up to a distance of around five to six meters, so that coverage of the adjacent lane is ensured.

The new Coach Infotainment Series: Great entertainment on board

With so much support, having fun on board must not be neglected: The new Coach Infotainment Series infotainment system offers media usage of the latest generation for professional use in touring coaches. It sets high standards in terms of operation and equipment for entertainment electronics in touring coaches. Starting with the high-quality DAB+ digital radio reception, Bluetooth audio streaming. In addition, an HDMI interface enables the connection of a laptop – for travel information during a study trip or seminar content, for example. Tour guides can also pair their smartphone with the Coach Infotainment Series using Bosch mySpin. If required, end devices brought along can be linked by two USB ports and an HDMI interface.

The central interface of the new Coach Infotainment Series is a monitor in seven-inch format in the cockpit. Like the predecessor model, it is located in the right-hand control panel of the driver’s workplace and can therefore also be accessed from the tour guide's seat. The system can be operated in different ways: using the touch-sensitive buttons on the touchscreen interface, voice control, as well as using traditional buttons and rotary knobs. The driver can also control the volume and telephony using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. This reduces distraction while driving and thus increases safety.

Coach Infotainment Series content can be played back on the monitors in the passenger compartment and the loudspeakers. This applies both to media downloaded from the Internet while driving and to media from a local database on board the touring coach, such as a data stick. Another advantage from the passengers’ point of view: Large 21.5 inch (54.4 cm) monitors in Full HD quality are now used for a brilliant image. This applies to both fixed and foldable monitors.

Integrated into the Coach Infotainment Series is a navigation system with a 3D map for the driver. The driver receives up-to-date traffic reports online and can adjust his or her route accordingly or, if necessary, quickly inform the passengers of any changes or delays.

Front axle even more comfortable and more silent, new trim strip for the ComfortClass

Sensitive drivers will also notice the next generation of front axle in HD and HDH models. The connection is stiffer, the shock absorbers have been rearranged, both of which have a positive effect on noise and driving comfort.

Attentive observers will have also discovered the new brushed trim strips in anthracite on the instrument panel of the ComfortClass.