Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity  for maximum reliability and transparency

Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity for maximum reliability and transparency

Sep 18, 2022
  • Omniplus On: Digital services – four pillars for maximum availability, fleet management, driver support and spare parts sales
  • A first on the bus/touring coach market: New online vehicle data interface offers the option of connecting to third-party systems


Comprehensive service for all Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses/touring coaches: Precisely what Omniplus, the Daimler Buses service brand, has long been doing. With more than 600 service outlets in Europe, Omniplus offers a comprehensive and bus-specific service network. Innovative services are being added on an ongoing basis. The Omniplus On portal integrates existing and new digital services. Customers of current Mercedes-Benz Citaro, eCitaro and CapaCity model variants, the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and all Setra touring coaches in the ComfortClass and TopClass model series are already benefiting from Omniplus On today. All of these buses and touring coaches are equipped with the “Bus Data Center” telematics box as standard.

Omniplus On: Four pillars for maximum availability, fleet management, driver support and spare parts sales

The Omniplus On digital services portal is based on four integrated pillars that are optimally linked:

  • "Omniplus On advance" guarantees bus/touring coach companies maximum availability of their fleet, e.g. with the Omniplus On Uptime service, or optimum service transparency with their own service routines.
  • "Omniplus On monitor" combines modern telematics services for efficient manufacturer-independent fleet management and helps to monitor individual journeys
  • "Omniplus On drive" efficiently supports the driver, from mandatory daily pre-departure check to remote control of individual bus/touring coach components.
  • "Omniplus On commerce" provides bus/touring coach companies with a convenient introduction to digital purchasing management for bus/touring coach spare parts, digital services and demonstration vehicles or stock vehicles around the clock.

Omniplus On commerce: The online sales platform for buses and touring coaches

The Omniplus eShop in the On commerce sector offers a complete parts portfolio for Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. In addition, the system has been fully integrated into the Omniplus On customer portal, which means that it is already familiar with the customer’s individual fleet: The matching parts for the selected vehicle are displayed to the ordering party in the Quick Collect area for straight-forward selection. Omniplus has further simplified the purchasing of spare parts with its model-specific fixed-price packages. These practical packages for standard repairs are now available in the eShop. Customers can also view parts promotions in the eShop and purchase parts at promotional prices.

During the ordering process, users can directly track whether the spare parts are available at the service outlet in the desired quantity. Use of advanced algorithms from the Omniplus On Portal will help the eShop to become increasingly intelligent in the future. This allows individual customer needs to be identified at an early stage and connected products to be offered directly to the customer. Order interfaces for software solutions with certified partner COS are also new. Our customers can identify the spare parts for their bus or touring coach using the COSware merchandise management system and place orders directly from their system to an Omniplus Own Retail service outlet. These eProcurement solutions ensure consistent and effective process support.

Suitable parts are already preselected thanks to intelligent IT processes in the background. This enables our customers to find and order the spare parts they need more quickly, thus ensuring the availabilityof buses and touring coaches.

Bus and touring coaches companies store their fleet in the system as required and are immediately presented with the spare parts that match their vehicles. One click is all it takes; users then know whether the parts they want are also available at their preferred Omniplus service point. The Omniplus eShop simplifies the purchasing and ordering process.

In addition, Omniplus On commerce also offers much more than just the right part at the right time. This makes it possible to directly book digital services online, such as Omniplus Uptime or Omniplus On Data Packages.

StockFinder is Omniplus On’s intelligent solution designed to help our customers find their ideal vehicle. Customers can instantly see all available inventory vehicles in the portfolio, coordinated across Europe, and can use a variety of filter options to search for products, vehicle equipment, inventory vehicles or demonstration vehicles directly to find the right inventory vehicle and proactively seek a quote.

In the future, it will also be possible to book additional products and services with On commerce.

Vehicle data interfaces in combination with Omniplus On Data Packages offer the option of connecting to third-party systems.

Digitalization in the automotive sector is one of the most important enablers for future technologies and improved service offerings. With its extended virtual data interfaces, Daimler Buses has created the prerequisite for making vehicle data in the Daimler Buses Cloud usable for third-party applications using a defined API ("Application Programming Interface"). This includes error codes and diagnostic logs. Increased transparency in relation to vehicle condition is a major advantage for maintenance staff at customer premises. The prerequisite for using the data packages is installation of Bus Data Center, which is installed as standard in all touring coaches, city buses and the all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. The number and availability of the data points depends on the vehicle equipment. Omniplus On Data Packages can also be booked in the Omniplus On Portal, in the “On commerce” section, for a monthly usage fee.

New version of Omniplus On Uptime will be introduced at InnoTrans trade fair

Only a bus or touring coach that works smoothly at all times and without error can optimally fulfill its passenger transport tasks. The "Omniplus On Uptime pro service" ensures that this ideal situation is a reality for entrepreneurs. It creates transparency with regard to the technical condition of the fleet, guarantees maximum planning security and thus leads to significantly increased vehicle availability. The needs and circumstances of large transport companies are now given particular consideration. Omniplus On Uptime pro uses state-of-the-art telemetry technologies to process system-specific vehicle data and is optimally tailored to large fleets with their own workshops and their needs. This world first will be showcased at InnoTrans in Berlin (20–23 September 2022).

Omniplus’ unique service network 

With more than 600 outlets, Omniplus offers the densest service network for buses and touring coaches in Europe. These outlets are classified in the BusWorld, BusPort and BusPoint service categories. The highest level of service is offered by the service centers in the BusWorld category, including the in-house BusWorld Home operations. They also provide maximum part availability, participation in Omniplus 24 h Service, special tools for bus-specific repairs and extended opening hours. Highly trained, certified employees provide maximum expertise in service and repairs for buses/touring coaches and all of their components.

Omniplus ServiceCard: One focus, two versions 

The Omniplus ServiceCard Premium is available to new Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus and touring coach customers free of charge for two years. If you can live without the availability of the comprehensive service package, we advise you choose ServiceCard Basic, valid for six years. This variant includes the Basic mobility package.

Service contracts: Tailored services

A number of service contracts is available to companies that value the optimum technical condition of their fleet at a fixed, calculable cost. Service contracts are as unique as the Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and touring coaches themselves, which is why Omniplus also distinguishes between individual types of operation. Companies can choose between Basic, BasicPlus, Premium Regional and Premium service contracts. Omniplus service contracts combine services for maintenance in accordance with manufacturer specifications with repairs of varying scope – depending on which service contract or warranty customers choose. Our tip: Omniplus On Uptime has already been integrated into the Premium service contract. The digital service continuously checks the vehicle systems' status in real time.

Mini-factory on site: Original spare parts now also available directly from the printer

Daimler Buses is a pioneer in industrial 3D printing. The company has been focusing on the potential of digital production technology since 2016. Around 40,000 bus spare parts can now be 3D printed, with Omniplus focusing on just over 7,000 parts, which are being digitalized one step at a time. This is helping to create somewhat of a digital warehouse at Omniplus, which is being continuously expanded. It forms the basis for 3D printing license management, which further optimizes the rapid availability of Omniplus spare parts. Today's 3D printers make it possible to set up external mini-factories. In the certified 3D printing centers, Omniplus customers can now also have the parts that they require produced locally with corresponding licenses.

Omniplus training – the right training for every task

Further training for drivers and training for workshop employees complement Omniplus services. Experienced and qualified trainers impart their knowledge at training sites equipped with all the necessary facilities. Countless drivers have been trained in Omniplus safety training over a period extending to almost 30 years – a real safety benefit for all road users. The latest offers in accordance with the German Professional Driver Qualification Act (BKrQG) consist of all requisite modules, including on the topic of passenger health and safety. For technical workshop employees, there is training for high-voltage activities on the all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro.

BusStore: Tailor-made used buses and touring coaches

Buying used is a matter of trust – especially in the bus and touring coach sector: Founded in 2013, BusStore combines all of Mercedes-Benz and Setra's used bus and touring coach activities. BusStore is characterized by its unique pool of vehicles with several hundred used buses and touring coaches located throughout Europe and unique services ranging from careful testing and reconditioning of used buses and touring coaches to transparent classification in the gold, silver, and bronze categories, as well as warranties and services. In this way, BusStore can market large numbers of buses and touring coaches every single year.

BusStore is now represented at a total of 26 sites across Europe. Prospective customers can find the bus or touring coach that they're looking for at sites in their own country, as well as across Europe.

In addition to personal contact and search queries, the website is also available in 21 languages.

Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity  for maximum reliability and transparency
Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity for maximum reliability and transparency
Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity  for maximum reliability and transparency
Omniplus: Digitalization and connectivity for maximum reliability and transparency