Even Safer and More Attractive, Economical, User-friendly and Comfortable: World Premiere for the Next Generation of Setra TopClass and ComfortClass

Even Safer and More Attractive, Economical, User-friendly and Comfortable: World Premiere for the Next Generation of Setra TopClass and ComfortClass

Sep 18, 2022
  • Design: New Setra family face
  • Safety: Revolutionary assistance systems
  • Economy: Lead further extended
  • Cockpit: Desirable workplace further upgraded
  • Passenger compartment: New, generous spatial experience
  • Range: Full house! Six HD, three HDH

Setra – this brand has been the epitome of premium touring coaches for more than seven decades. The next generation of Setra's ComfortClass represents a versatile touring coach concept that meets the highest requirements in terms of economy, safety and flexibility. Exclusive TopClass HDH models take bus travel to a new level. Maximum long-distance comfort, individual luxury and technical excellence combine to create a true travel experience.

Design: New Setra family face

The next generation of ComfortClass and TopClass bears the brand's new family face, and also includes a double-decker touring coach. The brand logo has been three-dimensionally crafted in chrome and appears to float on its high-gloss, black background. Two chrome (TopClass) and silver (ComfortClass) clasps frame the area. Above the logo, a Kässbohrer brand insignia self-confidently highlights the origins and traditions of the Setra brand. The curved clasps transition laterally into a full LED lighting element.

This element combines turn signals, daytime running lights and position lights. The even brighter LED headlamps (TopClass series) set the tone with their technical design similar to that of a theater spotlight. The same applies to their housing in black chrome.

The touring coaches now boast a character element on the side featuring the brand's logo as an unmistakable distinguishing feature. Finally, the previously dashed image of Setra tail lights has been changed to strong, continuous strips. The branding's line print is illuminated by an LED strip inside the lamp.

Safety: Revolutionary assistance systems

Accelerating, braking, maintaining distance, steering, staying in lane and even an emergency stop – new Active Drive Assist 2 is a pivotal step on the way to automated driving with touring coaches. Active Drive Assist 2 uniquely combines the functions of the individual assistance systems, enabling semi-automated driving in all speed ranges. An emergency stop function also forms part of the system. This brings the vehicle to a standstill through moderate, automated braking when the driver no longer reacts.

Thanks to the active steering assistant, Active Drive Assist 2 keeps the touring coach in a set position within the lane through continuous steering interventions. The system relieves the driver of a major part of the continuous minor steering corrections to keep the vehicle in its lane. Active Drive Assist 2 was developed for driving on controlled-access highways.

The unique Active Brake Assist 5 – ABA 5 for short – is another milestone in safety development. For the first time, ABA 5 uses a combination of a radar and camera system. Within the limits of the system, the assistance system, which is standard in TopClass and ComfortClass vehicles, can not only perform automated, maximum full-stop braking to a standstill for stationary and moving obstacles like its predecessor ABA 4. In addition, as the world's first emergency brake assistant for touring coaches, ABA 5 is able to initiate automated, maximum full-stop braking for moving as well as stationary pedestrians up to a vehicle speed of 50 km/h.

Other innovations such as the electronic parking brake or the 360° camera system significantly increase safety in addition to adding functionality and user-friendliness. The same applies to the new, full LED headlamps and the high beam assistant.

Economy: Lead further extended

The proverbial cost-effectiveness of Setra touring coaches will be further increased in the next TopClass and ComfortClass generation. In addition to safety, the optional Active Drive Assist 2 also means greater efficiency. Intelligent, fuel-saving Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control integrates a mode of operation adapted to the topography into the automatic transmission. PPC is now standard equipment and is even more efficient. Its extended map material covers almost all extra-urban roads in Europe in addition to controlled-access highways and main roads. PPC takes intersections and traffic circles into consideration and is linked to with adaptive cruise control in a network. Based on the stored maps, PPC automatically reduces the speed when entering towns as well as before country road bends with a narrow radius or obstacles, such as traffic circles and stop or yield signs.

Even seemingly small things have an impact. From now on, the on-board electrical system voltage of Setra TopClass and ComfortClass will be selected according to efficiency factors. In coasting phases, the charging voltage is increased in order to charge up the battery with freely available energy. Conversely, the charging voltage is reduced in traction phases – i.e. when accelerating or on uphill gradients. This reduces fuel consumption by around 0.3 percent.

Finally, the new Driver Score assistance system evaluates the current driving behavior according to numerous parameters as well as the use of the driver assistance systems and enables fast improvement of the driving behavior through individual feedback and suggestions on the display. With Driver Score, the driver can continuously optimize their driving style.

Cockpit: Desirable workplace further upgraded

Keyless Start keeps the key in your pocket: After the driver enters the touring coach, the vehicle identifies the key in the cockpit area. The driver can now unlock the ignition lock or switch on the ignition at the push of a button. The engine is started by briefly pressing the Start button while simultaneously actuating the brake pedal or alternatively by pressing the start button for more than five seconds. At the same time, Keyless Start increases security against vehicle theft thanks to the integrated immobilizer.

On the left of the instrument panel, the driver can find the control unit of the new, standard electronic parking brake. It combines simple handling and a high level of safety. The driver activates the parking brake manually by pulling the lever or by pressing the “P” button. They release the parking brake by stepping on the accelerator pedal (standard with PowerShift transmission) or by pressing the “P” button again. The integrated hold function is activated when the vehicle is stationary by stepping on the brake pedal more forcefully. The brake is not released until the driver once again presses the accelerator pedal. When starting off on hills, the integrated starting-off aid (standard in TopClass) supports the system. Finally, the parking brake is optionally activated automatically when the vehicle is stationary, the driver unfastens their seat belt and leaves their seat. This prevents the touring coach from rolling away unintentionally.

And there’s more. The High Beam Assistant switches the high beams on or off automatically depending on traffic conditions and ensures optimum illumination of the road. The 360° camera system offers perfect all-around visibility when maneuvering and in tight spaces. Four cameras on the front, rear and above the side windows record the vehicle surroundings and generate an indirect, all-around visibility of 360° from a bird’s eye view.

With so much support, there should also be room for entertainment on board. Coach Infotainment Series offers the latest generation of media usage for professional use. This starts with DAB+ digital radio reception and continues to Bluetooth audio streaming and connecting smartphones using Bosch mySpin. In addition, an HDMI interface enables the connection of a laptop –

for travel information during a school trip, for example. The tour guide can also pair their smartphone. The central interface is a seven-inch monitor in the cockpit. The monitor is operated by touch-sensitive buttons on the touchscreen interface, by voice control as well as using traditional buttons and knobs. The driver can also control the volume and telephony using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

Passenger compartment: New, generous spatial experience

Passenger compartment or passenger dream? They are practically the same for Setra TopClass and ComfortClass. On request, TopClass passengers can be greeted by a pleasant scent spread by a fragrance generator. There are eight fragrances to choose from.

Partition walls for both TopClass and ComfortClass are striking with generous transparent inserts made of tinted glass. A brand logo in the border welcomes passengers. Developers have also revised the color of the passenger compartments. Railing and bathroom covers are now finished in black. Above their heads, passengers will discover revised service sets with round, intuitively adjustable 360° air vents.

21.5-inch monitors provide the best on-board entertainment. They set new standards for LCD monitors. They are backed by a high-resolution LED TFT display (1920 x 1080 pixels) as well as excellent HD quality. Equipment can be mounted both rigidly as well as on electronically folding hinges.

Range: Full houseSix HD, three HDH

Six versatile ComfortClass HD models, three TopClass HDH luxury touring coaches that are outstanding in every respect plus the S 531 DT double-decker touring coach – the Setra range fulfills all the requirements of a customized touring coach. In addition, there is a wide range of special equipment: Rear-end door instead of middle step unit for HD models with corresponding layout of the passenger area, TopSky Panorama glass roof, elegant three-across seating with even floor, a fascinating variety of fabric and leather covers as well as extras – hardly any Setra is like any other, and every Setra is the right solution.

The wide range of ComfortClass HD models extends from the compact, only 10.5-meter-long S 511 HD to the seating giant S 519 HD with its length of just under 15 meters. Setra TopClass 500 – there are three fascinating HDH models on three axles. Dream touring coaches for dream trips, from the compact S 515 HDH to the powerful S 517 HDH, from 12.5 to 14.2 meters in length.

The drivetrain, which has proven itself many times over, remains unchanged in the next generation of Setra ComfortClass and TopClass. At the heart of it are the in-line six-cylinder Mercedes‑Benz OM 470 with a displacement of 10.7 liters in three performance levels from 290 kW (394 hp) to 335 kW (456 hp) as well as the OM 471 (12.8 liter displacement) with 350 kW (476 hp) and 375 kW (510 hp). They have all been allocated to certain model.

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