Mercedes-Benz Intouro K hybrid: Test vehicle - Vehicle profile: Mercedes-Benz Intouro K hybrid

Sep 18, 2022
  • All-rounder for intercity and holiday routes
  • Attractive yet economical appearance
  • Versatile equipment for use whatever the weather
  • Attractive cockpit, highly efficient drive, unrivaled safety

The test vehicle is an example of the versatility of the new Mercedes-Benz Intouro. The compact Intouro K is ideal for applications where great maneuverability is required, for example along mountain passes, winding country roads, driving into old town quarters and routes with manageable passenger numbers. Designed for use in intercity operations, it is also suitable for holiday traffic thanks to its comfortable seating. In any case, its hybrid system makes it highly economical.

Attractive yet economical appearance

An elegant paintwork in anthracite metallic including add-on parts and bright biXenon headlights, plus cost-effective and easy-to-replace outside mirrors on a tubular frame – this Intouro already visually demonstrates the wide range of the intercity bus.

Versatile equipment for use in all weathers

Destination board, mounting pin for payment systems, a preparation for ticket validators, handrails, special-purpose area with four folding seats opposite step unit number two, a passenger signaling system, a bus stop hazard warning system– this Intouro K hybrid is fully configured for scheduled services. Longer may even be better - as thanks to the comfortable Travel Star Eco seating, including adjustable backrests, side wall trim with needle felt, luggage shelves in lattice design and curtains over double-glazed windows, these buses come with comfort equipment for a longer stay on board– even on excursions with small groups.

The interior is skilfully and consistently designed: black floor with bright pattern, seat and backrest with black pattern and May green piping as a color highlight, plus gray curtains.

Attractive cockpit, highly-efficient drive, unrivaled safety

The cockpit of the Intouro is driver-oriented and offers perfect ergonomics. Its appearance and features, from multifunction steering wheel to the electronic parking brake, allow it to operate as a touring coach without restrictions. The cab door provides somewhat of a distance in regular service, while the cabinet in the front section provides welcome storage space. The drive is powerful. The compact, in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 936 is economical and boasts low emissions, also thanks to its recuperation and hybrid module. The torque converter automatic transmission meets high comfort requirements and operates efficiently.

The test vehicle, with its extensive and innovative safety equipment, marks a new chapter, perfectly modeling its class. Whether Emergency Brake Assist 5– ABA 5 for short– or the optional radar-based Sideguard Assist turning assistant with pedestrian detection – both support the driver and effectively protect more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or cyclists.

Technical data: Mercedes-Benz Intouro K hybrid


10,745/2,534/3,365 mm


5,270 mm

Front/rear overhang

2,175/3,300 mm

Turning circle

approx. 18,344 mm

Standing height, center aisle

approx. 2,180 mm

Floor height of driver’s workplace above the road

893 mm

Height of center aisle above the road

881 mm

Luggage compartment volume

approx. 3.7 m³

Fuel tank volume

approx. 185 l

AdBlue tank volume

approx. 36 l

Tire size

295/80 R 22.5

Permissible gross vehicle weight

19,500 kg

Permissible axle load, front/rear

7,500/12,600 kg

Engine type/emission standard

OM 936/Euro VI


Straight 6/7,698 cm³


260 kW (354 PS) at 2,200 rpm

Max. torque

1,400 Nm at 1,200 – 1,600 rpm


ZF Ecolife 2 automatic transmission with torque converter

Front axle

ZF RL 75 E, independent wheel suspension

Rear axle

Mercedes-Benz RO°440, ratio 5.222:1