Omniplus On eServices for the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro: Perfect networking – digital is completely normal

Sep 18, 2022
  • Digital services further developed for e-mobility
  • Transport companies benefit from their data
  • Comprehensive monitoring and analysis data, as well as evaluations
  • New ways to transmit data streams and data packages
  • New dimension of eServices: Perfect networking of bus, charging management, depot and control center

Together with the drive system, service is also changing – it has taken on a new dimension in the eCitaro. eServices are specifically geared towards electromobility with city buses, and supplement the traditional service portfolio with digital solutions. The focus is on the continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the complete vehicle technology, as well as the operating state and infrastructure down to the last detail for safe and economical operation.

Digital services further developed for e-mobility

A city bus with new electric drive technology also includes new digital services. These are based on modified services specifically tailored to the eCitaro. Omniplus Uptime, the permanent monitoring of all key vehicle components, has also been extended to include the components of the eCitaro.

However, Omniplus On’s digital services are now going much further, networking buses and the transport company’s control center even more intensively. And the digitalization required everywhere? At Omniplus, it has long been part of everyday life.

Transport companies benefit from their data streams and packages

Omniplus On makes the data usable for transport companies, so that operations run at optimum efficiency. The eCitaro communicates with the control center and vice versa in real time. Whether monitoring of a single bus for every minute of its operation, or the comprehensive analysis of a complete fleet, the continuous flow of data makes it possible.

This works thanks to the Omniplus On Portal, which provides information on journey data or the current bus' route data or technical status. For instance, energy consumption, state of charge or batteries' state of health. Data points can also be integrated into the company’s existing fleet management systems with an interface. This also applies to ITCS (Intermodal Transport Control System), used to control schedules and work plans.

As a partner of Daimler Buses, Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies plays a special role in the field of electromobility. Its load and charging management system generates needs-based charging plans, controls the charging infrastructure and takes into account preconditioning of the buses and load limits of the power grid. All charging processes are dynamically distributed across vehicles and charging stations so that charging is always efficient and economical.

Comprehensive monitoring, analysis and evaluation data

The continuous monitoring of all electric vehicles in real time also includes timely warnings when the battery state of charge drops – so that, for example, unforeseen traffic problems or diversions don't lead to a breakdown due to low charge levels.

Consumption analyses not only show the relative power consumption of individual vehicles, they also state the causes, for example increased energy consumption during longer downtimes in winter or summer with open doors or a low recuperation rate.

Automated evaluations, “Minimal Data Sets”, are a German specialty: They provide vehicle-specific, defined deployment data. These serve to justify subsidies and is transmitted to the relevant authorities. This analysis – exclusive to Daimler Buses – saves transport companies a great deal of hassle when compiling statistics.

One of the long-standing features is the continuous determination of the energy consumption and energy level on board. OMNIplus Uptime, the continuous monitoring of all essential technical components, is on the way to becoming a classic. OMNIplus Uptime has been supplemented for the eCitaro with specific e‑components. One example of this is monitoring the battery temperature to prevent damage. Even today, comprehensive monitoring of every single bus down to the last detail is possible for the eCitaro.

Transport companies’ control centers can already track the state of things in real time. And this development continues: For example, we are preparing a mirroring function of the displays from the eCitaro's instrument cluster in the scheduler’s display. This facilitates communication with the bus driver, who can receive instructions immediately.

New Omniplus On Uptime pro version

Only a bus that operates smoothly at all times without faults can optimally fulfill its passenger transport duties. The Omniplus On Uptime pro service ensures that this ideal situation is a reality for entrepreneurs. It creates transparency with regard to the technical condition of the fleet, guarantees maximum planning security and thus leads to significantly increased vehicle availability. The needs and circumstances of large transport companies are now given particular consideration. Omniplus On Uptime pro uses state-of-the-art telemetry technologies to process system-specific vehicle data and is optimally tailored to large fleets with their own workshops and their needs. The world premiere will be celebrated at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin, which will take place in parallel to IAA Transportation 2022.

New ways to transmit data streams

Transport companies’ demand for additional vehicle data is increasing rapidly, especially in the e-mobility field. The current FMS interface in the vehicle is thus reaching its limits. Omniplus On provides operators with different data packages as required. The range extends from 90 to over 350 data points. The state of health can also be recorded using fully fledged remote diagnosis. Transport companies can thus integrate the vehicle data relevant to them into their systems with an interface. Simple and without the need to retrofit additional hardware. The data points have been extensively verified and meet the highest quality standards in order to be further processed in the operators' system environment and used for analysis purposes, including by telematics providers commissioned by the transport companies.

This forward-looking technology of data transmission and processing has already integrated several major European telematics and ITS providers.

New dimension of eServices: Perfect networking of bus, charging management, depot and control center

The result is a unique new dimension of eServices from Daimler°Buses. It comprises the perfect networking of vehicle and operation. Continuous monitoring of individual vehicles and the entire bus fleet in a learning system ensures a smooth and maximally economic operation.

Further information about Omniplus’ comprehensive services are available in the separate article about IAA Transportation 2022.