Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks in operation at Hertz Car Hire: 542 Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks for Hertz

Dec 28, 2018
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  • The last 55 of a total of 542 Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks handed over to Hertz Car Hire
  • The market leader in the segment for light-duty short-radius distribution trucks impresses with its economy and flexibility

Berlin – The Mercedes‑Benz Atego proves its worth in continuous operation at Hertz. This year alone, Hertz has added a total of 542 of the vehicles to its fleet. The last 55 Mercedes-Benz Atego models for the fleet have now also been handed over. Vehicle rental company Hertz has thus increased its fleet to more than 1200 Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the over-7.5-tonne segment.

The 542 Mercedes-Benz Atego vehicles for Hertz Car Hire are 7.5 and 15‑tonne vehicles with special box bodies or soft-side bodies designed by the companies Saxas and Junge. This is also the first time that a new vehicle segment was added to their fleet in the form of the 15‑tonne Atego.

“By expanding our range of trucks by further 102 units of the 15‑ � � tonne Atego of the trucks offer we want to meet the increasing large demand in this rental segment,” says Joachim Verheugen, director fleet of Hertz car rental. “At the same time, we have modernized a big part of our fleet of trucks beginning at 7.5 tonne and rely exclusively on trucks from Mercedes-Benz due to good experiences with the entire trucks segment.”

“The 15-tonne Atego is distinguished by its high payload and the manoeuvrability in the urban area,” says Oliver Kraft, head of truck key account management.

Hertz Car Hire has opted for finance leasing via the Mercedes-Benz Bank.

The Atego trucks delivered to the company are all covered by the Mercedes‑Benz Service Complete contract. The Service Complete contract offers a comprehensive additional level of planning security for vehicles and covers all workshop activities ranging from the co-ordination of appointments to invoice auditing at a fixed monthly charge. The vehicle is always available as planned and costs remain firmly under control.

The Atego as the market leader in the light-duty, short-radius distribution truck segment offers Hertz what really counts in the truck rental industry: economy and high reliability.

The Mercedes-Benz Atego

The Mercedes-Benz Atego is used whenever every centimetre counts: thanks to its compact dimensions and ease of operation, the Atego can go almost anywhere – even in narrow city streets. Whether it's being used in the trades, moving furniture or delivering fresh food: the all-rounder in the 6.5 to 16‑tonne permissible gross vehicle weight class is a truly successful model. The Atego is used in the commercial and municipal sectors with various bodies.

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